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alwayswatching-neversleeping said:

((Easter: a time for devouring chocolate, hunting eggs, and if you are Christian, wondering what the hell this has to do with the resurrection of the Son of your deity.))

Do people make chocolate statues of Jesus to commemorate this day somewhere or would they be too conflicted to eat them

I’m being told today is Easter.

You would think a bunny like me would already be aware of when the day of rabbits and eggs as hollow as the typical human being is, but no.

I remember seeing that sisters episode and at the part with Chizuru fantasizing about Chitose and Ayano, Twinnicchi and I were just like, “Chizuru’s fantasies oddly seem more innocent than Chitose’s— Never mind.

Oh. That’s what 420 actually meant all along?

…I always assumed it was just another meme thing brought up by some other popular song I don’t know.


YOU WANNA GO *gives you flowers* ON A DATE


You are at a crossroads. You must make a decision. 

[Suddenly, fog everywhere, apropos of nothing. Just what game did you think this was, huh, punk? Persona 4?]

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